Lauren Befus (Keynote Speaker)

Lauren came to the Vineyard as an outsider – an outsider to church and faith. After moving to the area in 1997 she was invited to Vineyard, her first church experience. As she began the Christian journey,God immediately began to transform her life and set her course toward ministry. A graduate of Calvin College, Lauren worked for several years as a writer for local newspapers and magazines. As Pastor of Connect Ministry for new guests and members, Lauren loves to help people find their place in the Vineyard community. But the majority of the time she is loving and raising four kids, and figuring out how to be Jesus’ presence in her neighborhood.


The theme of Cloud 9 2015 is coming soon, begin to get excited!

Updates to Cloud 9

At the end of each retreat, we ask for feedback from students, interns, leaders, and staff. This is incredibly important to us, as it shapes our direction as we continue to move towards the next year of Cloud 9. We take every piece of feedback into account. A few of the changes which are coming out of last years feedback include:

Incorporating some new aspects of worship in order to allow students to be more involved in leading worship as well as giving an opportunity to experience worship in different ways, rather than continuing with what we have done for leaders in the past, we have designed time which is focused prayer and sharing for youth leaders. This time should strengthen our relationships and community as Vineyard, and should open opportunity to partner with and learn from one another as we continue on our ministry journeys post retreat, group games specific to age group, including middle school and high school, and fresh workshop topics with new speakers, including an option to design a workshop specific to either high school students or middle school students. This will allow students to have more choice and for their workshops to be even more tailored towards them and where they are at.

Remember, these are just a few of the key changes we are creating this year, be sure to stop back on this page to look for updates!